Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Kitchen Garden in July

Hard to believe July is almost over. Goodies from the kitchen garden in July included the first of the cherry-sized tomatoes, lettuces, sorrel, basil, parsley, garlic chives, cucumbers, and yellow squash.

It has been great having both the Red Rubin and the Sweet Basil. I have found that a really great salad combination is arugula and basil. The flavors go together so well. Also in this picture is Sorrel, which I love also in salads.

This adorable little pepper is a variety called Sweet Tweety. It should turn yellow, hence the Tweety reference.

Speaking of yellow, I have two Yellow Squash plants. I have gotten a couple of squashes so far, but they looked like they were getting powdery mildew just like last year. I sprayed them with an organic spray and hope that stops the spread of it and will save my precious plants.

Look at all of those squash blossoms. I can’t remember if this is the Yellow Squash or the Acorn Squash.

I had several Sugar Crunch Cucumbers in July and even used some for making dill pickles. Hopefully they turn out well.

Still enjoying Gourmet Mix and Caesar’s Favorite lettuces.

Yet again, the blackberry bush has tons of little berries, but not fully formed berries. Actually, this is looking more like a raspberry bush here. I’m sure the birds are enjoying these.

When Brian saw my Solanum quitoense (naranjilla) plant in this blue pot, he said, “Wow, that looks dangerous.” Dangerous-looking indeed. This is supposed to form a citrus-flavored fruit. Will be interesting to see if that happens.

It is a really interesting-looking plant. I had first seen it in the Burpee Kitchen Garden at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and thought it was the coolest plant. I love the dinosaur-like, thorny leaves and the purple stems with little hairs.

Some things I’m hoping to harvest in the coming months: Acorn Squash and String Beans (on right in this picture). The plants look nice and healthy.

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