Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Flower Garden in June

Yep, still on June. I promise stuff is going on in July, too, and that will eventually show up here. Eventually being the key word.

I was in Michigan for twelve days in June. What happens when a gardener is away? Weeds happen. That meant I spent the last couple of weekends in June catching up on weeding.

The highlight in June was the roses. I am not a huge rose fan, as I am sure I have mentioned before. They look beautiful when they bloom and then they look awful the rest of the year. No matter what I try, they always get pests or diseases. Even Knockout Roses, which are supposed to be disease resistant. 

This pink rose is the only rose I can actually say that I like year-round. It blooms off and on all season and is especially nice around May – July, along with the catmint in front of it. What is the name of this amazing rose that I will actually admit to liking? I have no clue. I inherited it – this rose was in the yard when I bought the house!

The dainty, fairy roses around it add a nice touch, however, I can’t take responsibility for those either. This angle shows the catmint, the smaller roses, and another very thorny rosebush (on the left).

This rose is bright magenta. It has some really nasty thorns that seem to grab me every time I go to fill the bird feeder.

My purple Jackmanii Clematis bloomed more this year than it has in years past. It has taken this awhile to take off.

The Raspberry Wine Monarda has done exceptionally well this year. Monarda sure does take over, but the hummingbirds and bees adore it.

I have spotted at least two hummingbirds at the Monarda this year. Usually I only have one male hummingbird visitor, but this year there is a female, as well. I guess he found himself a lady-friend. I can’t seem to capture them on film, or I guess I should say digitally.

I like to try to get pictures of the bees, too. They are busy, though, hence the phrase “busy as a bee,” I guess.

The Hens And Chicks are blooming. Pretty, however, I do believe the plants that flower will die. Hopefully there are enough Chicks to the Hens And Chicks to survive.

This is a really cool plant that I got at the Unusual Tropicals and Annuals Plant Sale at The Scott Arboretum at Swarthmore College this spring. Check out the vibrant, fun flowers! It is called Portulaca grandiflora “Double Sunset Fire.” It seems to only flower during the day and the blooms close at dusk or on cloudy days.

Had to sneak in a picture of Winnie in here. Haven’t included her in my blog for awhile. She watches over my flower garden all year long.

On the other side of the yard, the Sunfire Coreopsis was in bloom. Hard to see here, but they are dark red at the base of the petals. The one plant seemed to flop over for some reason.

I had gotten the red Coleus specifically to pick up on the red in the Sunfire Coreopsis. It’s my first time planting this variety and it thrives in sun, looking good no matter what. Look at that awesome color!

I love the hints of dark purple in there, plus the tiny, bright green edging that goes around the deckle edges.

Pardon me while I give Molly and Izzy their snack. Molly is meowing her head off at me because it is past snack time (8pm).

Ok, kitties are snacked so blogging can resume. Molly made me promise to sneak in a photo of her, though, so if you look closely in the next photo you can see her in her flower pot on the back porch. Really I’m including this photo to show how the oregano has taken off, but don’t tell Molly that.

The sage and thyme are equally happy in this bed, where they get full sun pretty much all day.

The blossoms on the sage really are pretty when you look closely.

I had to include a picture of this purple aloe next to this bright yellow/green sedum because this is one of my favorite color schemes right now. I want to say the sedum is “Ogon.” I had re-potted it this spring and it is one happy camper right now.

Right in front of those plants on the back steps are some succulents and one is blooming.

So that was June in a nutshell. Or should I say in a flower pot. I guess I bored Molly.

Hopefully she is dreaming of plants – the plants I could’ve planted in this pot if she hadn’t decided it was her favorite place to nap! 

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